11 Awesome Metropark Fishing Spots in Michigan!

Today is National Go Fishing Day. How cool is that?! 

I hope everyone has a chance to get outside today, get some fresh air, cast your lines out there (IF you enjoy fishing, of course) and just be one with nature. I'm aware that I'm saying this through a digital device, however, I've already been outside for hours this morning tending to my worms, listening to the birds sing, the squirrels chatter, and the neighborhood dogs bark at the DTE fellas trimming trees. After I finish this, I'm heading back out for more choring.

But first...here's a short list of some cool spots to go fishing in you live in Michigan, using the Metroparks:




Please be aware that you may need a fishing license. Don't get caught breaking the law, ya'll!

Also, please clean up after yourselves, it only takes a minute and it helps to keep the beautiful parks, well, beautiful!

The Metroparks usually have a fee but if you plan to go often, a yearly pass might be more cost-effective. 


And finally....there are obviously thousands of places to fish in Michigan, and a lot of them are free. I included the Metroparks on this short list as it's always been a tried and true favorite for my family. 

I'd love to hear where everyone fishes, so feel free comment below (I'm not asking for your 'big 🐠' secrets; a general idea works just fine. No need to limit the list to just Michigan...I love learning more about the outdoors on this beautiful globe we call home. 

Go ahead and tell your best fishing stories as well, I'd love to hear it!

'Catch' ya later...



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