8 Things You Can Do To Prepare Before Your Compost Worms Arrive


"The WORMS are on their way to our house and I haven't got a thing to wear!" Is that what went through your mind after you hit the button to order your composting worms 🐛 🐛 ?

Regardless of your answer, here's a down and dirty quick list of things to do and/or have ready when the wigglers arrive. I can't stress enough, do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions and I'll be happy to help as best as I can. 

And now...on with the show!


If you are simply adding red wigglers to your garden, there's not much you need to do except relax, and celebrate...your soil kings and queens will be home shortly.

If you are putting them in a bin, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure their comfort and safety when they reach their new home. The first thing you should do is...

    1. The hokey pokey, of course! Go ahead, turn yourself around, that's what its all about...right? You're happy, you feel good, it's time to celebrate. I'm happy for you and I'm rooting you on! You can do this! Your worms are going to love you-you don't even have to buy a new outfit! Whew!
    2. Ok...you're tired from dancing and counting how many times I use ellipses. Relax, it's time to get serious. Next step and another...Make sure they have a bin (or another receptacle to live in (this can be a commercially sold ready-made worm bin or you can create your own)
    3. Prepare their bedding (they prefer a moist (not wet) environment. I have good news for you-you don't have to buy new sheets, they'll sleep on old shredded (moistened, preferably a day or more ahead of time) newspapers, corrugated cardboard, peat moss, coconut coir, manure (if you use manure, follow best practices to avoid spreading cooties... ⚠️: cooty catchers do NOT cure OR catch cooties-it's false advertising). I reckon it's a good idea to scoop you a couple of scoops of garden soil to mix in with their bedding. They need this to start off with a good structure. PLEASE do not give them soil (or anything) that has been sprayed with chemicals. 
    4. Be available when they arrive or have a contingency plan. Is this one bolded? Ok, let me say it one more time...be available (not on vacation) when they arrive OR have a contingency plan. If you live in a hot area and won't be home all day, or any other circumstance that may cause the worms to be sitting out in the sun and/or other elements scared, alone, hot, cold, or otherwise stressed out, they may die. We DO guarantee live arrival, but as they are live beings, they need to be treated as such. Don't worry if you have one of these concerns, there are workarounds. Feel free to send a message with your order if you would like them to be held at your post office for you to pick up when they get to your area. We love our/your worms and we want them to be comfortable and happy. This is NOT an inconvenience and we are happy to do this, but you must let us know within an hour of placing your order.  All worms ship out on Mondays's or Tuesday's to ensure the best chance of survival. IF for any reason there is a problem with your order upon arrival, you must contact us immediately (please take a pic if possible) and we will work with you to rectify your issue. 
    5. If you have made a DIY worm bin, structure, house, abode, apartment, crib, mansion, or another domicile, please make sure it has plenty of holes on the top and some on the sides for good airflow.
    6. Your worms' environment should be dark because that's how they roll, party, get down, commune, work, live, and play. Even a few minutes of exposure to the sun can cause them to perish. Don't let this scare you-they are, in fact, easy to care for.
    7. Know what to feed them and what not to...I will go into further detail on this in an upcoming blog post, but for now, let's be simple and say no meat or dairy. Pretend they are lactose intolerant vegetarians. I shudder to say that I feed my worms a healthier diet than I do myself.
    8. Get a good night's sleep and wait for the stork to bring the newest members of your family. And do not fret, if you have ANY questions at all, please don't hesitate to send me a message, I'll happily help you on your worm journey to the best of my ability! Happy Worming Y'all!





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