Summer Solstice and the First Day of Summer

Enjoying Summer Solstice and the First Day of Summer Howdy, y'all!
The sun is shining, the air is clear, and the birds are singing my favorite tune. It's time to celebrate; the summer solstice arrives today at 11:54 am EST, also marking the first day of summer! Actually, let me clarify; while it is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern Hemisphere will soon be celebrating their winter solstice. It all has to do with how tilted we really are on the rock we call earth. While I'm nowhere near qualified to even begin to explain this, there are some pretty interesting articles and technical info on the web that can explain the nitty-gritty details.  
I'm making this short because the outdoors are calling with choring to do and nature to be appreciated. Here are a few suggestions on how to spend your solstice:
  • Head to your local beach
  • Get the grill ready for those summer delicacies
  • Get the pool cleaned, filled, and ready to invite me over
  • Plant some vegetables, trees, or flowers
  • Catch a free summer concert in your area
  • Start a compost bin (if you're not already doing so)
  • Power wash the deck
  • Clean out the car and hand wash it
  • Hang out with family and friends
  • Take the dog for a walk
  • Organize a volleyball game
You get the idea...
Summer is for appreciating the great outdoors, eating locally grown delicious and nutritious foods, appreciating what you have and sharing abundances. Remember to be thankful and appreciative during both good times and bad. Embrace the good times and know that during bad times...that too will pass. 
Whatever you do today, and this summer, I wish you happiness, good health, and an abundance of peace and love.

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